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The MullerDev credo has always been to blaze the trail for others. Our craft in, tandem with globally respected products, translates to exceptional results for the everyday driver, part-time racer or full-blown petrolhead.

Borne in the searing heat of professional motorsport competition (race, rally & cross-country), our experience on the street, track and stage over the years has afforded us the opportunity to pass on our experienced customer-centric offering.

Our range of world-renowned products and services allows you to design a holistic vehicle care and performance package built around your specific requirements:

  1. Complete Engine Management System Replacements, Overhauls & Rectifications
  2. Globally-Respected ECU Tech Installation, Replacement & Repair
  3. Piggyback hardware & Software Sales, Upgrades/ Updates
  4. Approved Performance & Safety Installations
  5. Expert Mechanical Repairs, Modifications & Fabrication
  6. Specialist 2WD & 4WD Dyno Tuning of most ECU Management Systems
  7. Customer Vehicle Event Preparation
  8. Customer Vehicle Restoration Projects

Specialist Dyno Tuning
Performance/ Safety Installations
Repair & Optimisation Services


For nearly 2-decades we have never stopped pushing the electronic & specialist mechanical performance and efficiency envelope. With a holistic approach designed around your ideal vehicle goals, we pride ourselves on the solid, dependable reputation we’ve built over the years with customers from around the world.

Performance & refinement services:


Performance Software Upgrades


Specialist Dyno Tuning (In-house 2WD & 4WD Dyno)


Diagnostic Fault-Finding


Effective Mechanical Repairs


Hardwired/ Plug-and-Play Unichip & Spitronics Systems


Performance & Safety Modifications, Fabrication and Installation


OEM and Hybrid Turbocharger Upgrades


Service & Maintenance (Incl. FleetCare Solutions)


Performance Software Upgrades

Our Promise… Your Confidence

  • Muster up to 30% more power & torque – with better delivery
  • Enjoy up to 15% boosted fuel efficiency
  • Savour focussed Driveability & Mechanical Longevity
  • Globally-Respected ECU conversions & ‘Easy-Connect’ Piggyback Solutions
  • Electronic Hardware/ Software Installs, Updates & Upgrades
  • Specialist Dyno Tuning & Performance/ Safety Installations
  • Specialist/ Custom Modification & Fabrication Projects
  • Single & Fleet Maintenance, Repair & Optimisation Services
  • Customer Vehicle Preparations & Restorations
  • Guaranteed Mechanical Service, Maintenance & Repair Workmanship
  • Trusted Product & Service Delivery with Desired Results
  • Resultant Savings – #customerisalways#1

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About Us

Customer first
Every Time

MDP proudly represents our fiercely-competitive vehicle performance origins.

As a stalwart of trusted Electronic & Mechanical enhancement, our roots signify your assurance in years of experience and success in cutting-edged parts, electronic engine management and dyno-tuned optimisation (2WD & 4WD Dyno).

Let us know how we can help you find your ideal performance enhancement solution today.


In short – we exist to proactively mitigate fleet vehicle risk. Closely teamed with Dastek S.A. and its world-renowned Unichip technology, our years of cutting-edged electronic engine manipulation has manifested the very latest in preventative fleet management measures. These measures have been labelled under our umbrella term: Preventative Vehicle-Limiting.

Intelligent Vehicle Management or ‘IVM’ is therefore the developmental product of the very latest UniX and represents an illustrious 27-year track-record of promise delivery.

Our business is responsible for the nationwide distribution of IVM product technology. With customer service at the very heart of our operation, our obligations include sales and marketing, desired vehicle hardware and customised software development, installation, updates, unit rotation and continued customer support.

Proactive fleet risk mitigation of this holistic nature has never existed on any commercial level before. However, the experience of IVM’s performance in this respect speaks for itself. Three decades of product experience and quality guarantee, allows you to specify exactly how you safely protect your drivers, assets and reputation – before anyone ever turns a key.

So, peace of mind comes from the safe, identical electronic controls onboard each and every vehicle in your fleet. Instead of reacting to many telematic data reports or alerts, Muller Developments ensures that all your vehicles will actively comply to your wishes – by your specification, wherever they are in the country.

Physical pre-emptive vehicle command is obtained immediately on installation of our product technology. For years we have been refining ways to electronically maximise vehicle performance, in every aspect – and we’ve got reputably good at it. Armed with these far-reaching and unmatched electronic controls, we developed the framework to cap vehicle limits instead of stretching them. Preventative Vehicle-Limiting is the term that became ever more frequently used in the developmental process of IVM. And for perfectly good reason.

This risk mitigation tactic is preventative in every sense – as driver behaviour is controlled, while mechanical oversight and protection ensure vehicle optimisation, productivity and lifecycle longevity.

As discreetly installed ‘Connect-Ready’ piggyback ECU technology, our Intelligent Vehicle Management device cleverly and non-invasively monitors each vehicle’s CANbus data stream.

Importantly referred to as our non-invasive ‘Listen & Intervene’ approach to CAN surveillance, our software pre-empts operator non-compliance and/ or mechanical danger and instantly acts to prevent violation and protect your assets. Some of the compulsory driver intervention features include immobilisation, compulsory seatbelt compliance, speeding and over-revving prevention.

This before tracking system integrations, which provide ‘on-the-spot’ interventions to deal with inclement road or weather conditions, reckless driving or unauthorised usage.

Yes. But we mean it. Imagine if vehicle loss, speeding and general vehicle misuse and abuse (amongst others) could be prevented in the first place?

By nature unfortunately, vehicle fleet management as we know it is a largely reactive process.

However, our preventative electronic ‘vehicle-limiting’ packages punch through the ceiling of this traditional ideology. Apart from a welcome reduction in data requirements, we put you in control from the outset, by giving you the electronic parameters to enforce strict driver compliance and mechanical protection.

This proactively safeguards not only your vehicle assets, but your employees, your balance sheet and ultimately, your invaluable reputation

In this age of progressive industry-specific technology, a MullerDev IVM solution has no direct peer in this space. No other single solution offers this many encompassing features. This why we talk about ‘client-designed driver & vehicle parameters’

Although there is numerous ‘solutions’ on the market that address issues such as speeding or engine protection, none of these can match our longstanding reputation in electronic engine management and how all of these options are offered in a single product.

Moreover, as a world-first, if your solution requires further real-time tracking system-based interventions, this sets us even further ahead.

Your return-on-investment is right up at the top of our customer satisfaction priority list. Your customised vehicle-limiting solution is guaranteed to pay for itself simply in the operational and administrative savings you will immediately enjoy.

Apart from your imminent reassessment of many daily risks, productivity advantages, newfound fuel & tyre efficiencies and reduced tracking data requirements, general vehicle safety and security enhancements positively influence maintenance and lifecycle requirements.

Rampant SA vehicle crime, speed-related infractions & fines, general reckless driving, wastage of business time, HR resources and cashflow difficulties, are only some of the dangers and headaches that we aim to relive you from. And this at entry-level.

Ground-breaking pre-designed and/ or ‘on-the-spot’ telematic-relayed controls, mark the very first time that you can now remotely engage or disengage key vehicle functions. This means, for example, you can reduce power available based on adverse weather or road conditions, penalise harsh braking, accelerating and cornering or prevent unauthorised after-hour use.

Simply get in touch with us to discuss which elements of your fleet operation require conformity and streamlining – and we’ll immediately get onto the mission of saving you time, effort, money and certainly, frustration.

Yes. From company cars, bakkies and MCV’s to Heavy Commercial Trucks and busses, the majority of fleet vehicles at present operate with sufficient onboard electronics for us to work our magic. Whether your fleet is brand specific or mixed manufacturer and model, our technology will work for you.

As the Intelligent Vehicle Management project has developed, we’ve been simultaneously evolving and adding to the ‘approved list’ of OEM nameplates and models that are immediately ready for installation. If your fleet comprises of vehicles that are not yet contained on the list, Muller Developments will gladly embark on the developmental process – and have your fleet protected and compliant in no time.

We strive to empower your drivers or mobile workforce. Your solution will have a positive influence over everything from driver training, general behaviour and scoring, retention, disciplinary action to hopefully, general job satisfaction. Your designed interventions will reduce personal friction between the manager and his/ her drivers, ensuring further increased efficiency and asset security.

A MullerDev IVM solution represents a mindset change that proactively steers away from reprimanding drivers for their actions, after the fact.

Yes. In fact, it is likely to become the foundation on which your driver and vehicle rulebooks are written and enforced. Your selected interventions will not only change how effectively your fleet operates, but drastically reduce how much tracking data you require for future efficiency enhancements.

As an installed electronic control solution, Intelligent Vehicle Management is not classified as a telematic device. This as in base format, it does not communicate information to you as your tracking system does. Instead, it enforces real-world safety and security compliance parameters.

However, if selected, our revolutionary collaborations and advancements in tracking solutions now give you the capacity for IVM to engage or disengage key vehicle functions by your remote instruction (laptop, tablet or mobile phone).

With an important keyword being ‘non-invasive,’ Intelligent Vehicle Management product technology is regarded by manufacturers and insurers alike as an after-market safety device. With its ‘Connect-Ready’ installation and ‘listen & Intervene’ functionality, it is easily isolated to return the vehicle to standard OEM settings.

The process of simple IVM isolation is predominantly useful for diagnostic purposes, fleet rotation or serious vehicle damage.

IVM already compliments, utilises & expands on 2016 SA Dept. of Transport ‘speed limiting’ restrictions for vehicles between 3 500kg and  9 000kg. IVM also pre-empts and actively protects your vehicles from the imminent ‘Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences’ (AARTO) act – government’s points-based driver-demerit strategy.

In defining this new ‘Vehicle Limiting’ segment, the capability-scope of Intelligent Vehicle Management (IVM) is effectively the quantum leap in harnessing programmed motor-vehicle control – with law-abiding effectiveness.

No worries. Geographically dispersed teams are our forte. Once your ideal controls have been developed and tested by MullerDev HQ, your specifications are cloned to your fleet’s size requirements and distributed to our installers in the areas you require.

Our network boasts 32 approved installers around the country – with one each in both Windhoek and Gaborone, as well. Based on where your teams are situated, your designed and cloned solution will be distributed to the nearest approved installers in applicable provinces.

We’re over the moon that you see value in our proposition.

You can reach us via any of the details provided in the ‘Contact us’ section of the site to gather more info or ask any further questions. We will happily explain the process of development, demonstration (P.O.C), ordering, ultimate rollout and after-sales customer support.

Our team looks forward to hearing from you and is ready to assist in any way we possibly can. So, give us a shout today – after all… Your Fleet. Your Rules.

Managing maintenance on your personal vehicle is demanding enough, managing it for a fleet of vehicles requires a special touch. So why not partner with a company that can give you back the driving seat in your business?

MullerDev offers comprehensive vehicle fleet maintenance, repair services and optimal performance & efficiency maintained through our specialist 2WD & 4WD Dynamometer.

Keeping those wheels turning and your operation, at peak productivity.

Consider too that our customer relationships are considerably streamlined by the fact that Muller Developments is a SwitchPay Nedbank/Absa/FNB Approved Point-of-Sale Vendor that caters not only for rotational maintenance and care, but ever-imminent ’emergency’ situations. #customerisalways#1


Please contact us directly or consult the FAQ page for answers to any questions you may have.

Let us know how we can help you find your ideal performance enhancement solution today.

    Muller Developments is a SwitchPay Nedbank/FNB/Absa Point-of-Sale Vendor that caters not only for immediate payments, but various financing options.

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